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Cornell Extension training day for their Urban Ecology and Garden Mosaic programs will be this coming Monday June 16. It will run from 9am-4pm, at the Campos Community Center with a couple of those hours to be spent in the garden (2-4), lunch will be provided as will some class material. There is a $25 fee which Dias y Flores will cover for those interested in taking the class and helping out with the program (with the Campos Summer School students) in the garden this summer.
Please contact Leslie Ross at ross.bassoon@verizon.net by Wednesday night if you would be interested in participating as Cornell would like a list of participants by Thursday morning, or if you have any questions.
Here are two links that can give you much more information on the extent of the Cornell programs http://nyc.cce.cornell.edu/environment/ and the more specific garden program http://www.gardenmosaics.cornell.edu/.


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