We will observe Leftover Day this year on Saturday, from 2 to 6 PM in the garden. Bring your leftovers and tales of turkey and tofurky, and we’ll do our best to keep you warm and ready to sail through holiday season. The weather is supposed to be clear, but better bring your mittens.


There will NOT be a general membership meeting in July as the Board continues to work on by-law revisions. Members, please bring any issues, concerns or suggestions you have to the Board via email, or better yet, in person at the garden.

July 4th BBQ!

Save the date everyone! There will be a 4th of July party and BBQ at Dias y Flores Community Garden, from 1pm to 6pm. All are invited. Bring food and drink if you like, within Parks Dept. guidelines (i.e. no alcohol). Hosted by Peter Gerber.

We will have a summer pot luck dinner at the garden Saturday June 22. Bring a dish or non-alcoholic beverage, and enjoy some quiet conversation in the garden with fellow gardeners and their guests as we celebrate the day after solstice in our little green oasis on 13th Street from 4PM to 8 PM, June 22.

By order of GreenThumb, there is a moratorium on accepting new members effective immediately and in place until otherwise directed by GreenThumb. Members, if you have invited your friends to become members this year, remember to uninvite them.

Dias y Flores members
The annual mandatory membership meetings are on for this week, Thursday May 9 at 6:30 PM and Saturday May 11 at 1 PM in the garden. Please be ready to sign up for your 10 hours of open garden service and pay your dues for the 2013 season. We have spent the afternoon in adjudication with a GreenThumb representative and in accordance with his directives, we are suspending Board of Director elections for this season while the current Board works with GreenThumb to revise our by-laws to bring them into accordance with their guidelines.  Committees are also suspended while we undertake this work, so there will be no committee sign up as previously announced. We will be available to answer questions regarding these directives at the May meetings, and we will prepare a statement to include in member packets, to be posted on Facebook, WordPress, and the shed and sent by email.

Save the date(s)!

May is our annual mandatory meeting month.  Attend either May meeting, sign up for your open garden shifts, pay your dues and receive your key for the 2013 season. Meetings will be held in the garden Thursday May 9 at 6PM and Saturday May 9 at 1PM. We will be electing the Board of Directors for the 2013 season as well. Anyone may run for the Board, and you may nominate yourself. If you wish to appear on the pre-printed ballot, please send your nomination to diasyforesgarden@yahoo.com with the phrase Board Nomination in the subject line. Beginning April 25, we will post on the website the list of nominees so far so you may ponder the choices. The list is dynamic–we will update it as new names are submitted (or withdrawn) and as is our tradition, people may be nominated as late as the meeting and run as write-in candidates. Watch this website and FB for updates and information as it becomes available. We hope to see you in May!

April 13 is Garden Clean Up Day. The Garden Design Committee invites you to join us, between 10 and 3, to clear out winter pile-up and get the garden ready for another season. We have gloves, but bring your own to be safe. Piles of old chairs, lumber, and broken pots may see the last of our green oasis, so make sure all of your belongings are within your plot by the 13th.

The March monthly membership meeting will take place Thursday, March 14th at 6:30 p.m. at the Roberto Clemente Center, at 540 E. 13th St. We have invited Natalie and Leslie, from the Peace Institute, to return and help facilitate the meeting, which will focus on member issues.

Take our survey!

Look in your email for the link to our survey on alternate membership meeting times. The deadline is 5 PM Feb. 14, just an hour and a half before our regular February membership meeting. Let’s meet in friendship with plenty of chocolate on Valentine’s Day! A vote on a construction moratorium is scheduled along with all the updates as we begin planning for the coming spring. We’re planning to meet at the Campos Center, but check the garden gate on the way in case of a change.